How to Get Rid of Warts Naturally

What is a wart? A wart is a skin trouble which grows due to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

A trouble which can cause distress and embarrassment, having warts on your skin may be a difficult plight especially if it is very much visible on your skin.

Fortunately, the occurrence of the same is not so serious. However, if their occurrence is persistent or continuous, then you need to take medical help.

You can try the following techniques to get rid of warts which are normal and may not seem to be so severe. These remedies should help you overcome the trouble, however, you need to be consistent in using the techniques.


Use banana peels:-


Apply the inner portion of the banana peel on the affected area during bedtime. The banana peel has a chemical in it which will help get rid of the skin trouble. Repeat this every time you go to sleep for a period of five days.


Use papaya:-


Unripe papaya has an enzyme and papain that can break down and digest the wart. Crushed raw papaya pulp should be applied on the affected area during the daytime. Doing so every day for a couple of days will help get rid of the trouble?


Use Aloe Vera:-


Aloe Vera as a lot of healing properties. It can be used to get rid of many forms of bacteria as well as fungal infections. Fresh Aloe Vera leaf needs to be cut, the gel that comes from between the thorny sides of the leaf needs to be rubbed on the skin portion. You can even tape the non-thorny gel filled leaf side on the wart affected area for a couple of hours. Do this till you see the wart diminishing slowly!


Use garlic:-


Freshly crushed garlic can be applied to the affected area of your skin. Once you have applied garlic, cover the affected area with a bandage. Repeat this every day for a period of one week. Doing so will let the wart dry and fall off. Refrain contact with the skin which is healthy to prevent further spread of infection.


Use vinegar:-


Take a cotton ball, dip it in vinegar and apply it on the infected skin area. Compress this ball and now tie a bandage around it. Do this twice a day for a period of five days. You will soon see the difference.


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